Birkin Update and Thanks June-July 2016


Dear Friends in Christ at Gymea People’s Church,

We have been back in the Philippines now for two weeks. We thank the Lord for a safe and quick trip back and that we have been able to settle in again to our work schedule here.

It was a wonderful for us to be able to visit you and spend some quality times together. We enjoyed our time very much. Thank you so much for all you did to make our stay good and for the many things you did to help us. Thank you for the kind financial gifts you shared with us and also we want to say a big thank you for the kind gift you have recently sent through CrossView for us on June 30th.

We have been working steadily on the Bible translation work and are encouraged by the progress we have made. Shirley is back translating the Tala-andig book of Numbers into English so that this can be checked by our translation consultant with the aim of having this approved for publication.  Jason has been working on preparing the drafted book of Deuteronomy for the initial comprehension check to be done with our Tala-andig translation helpers soon.

Since arriving back we have been staying at the mission guest house working while we waited for news from the village. Just yesterday 3 of the church leaders arrived and spent the night with us so that we could talk and catch up on all the news of the past three months. We have been disappointed by the news that we are still not able to return to the village to live due to peace and order issues.

Our immediate plan now is to have our translation helpers come out over land to stay with us here at the guest house and work on Deuteronomy. They will D.V. hike over to an outreach which will take them a good 12 hours. We are able to travel by road from the guest house here to that outreach and meet them. It will take about 2 hours travel. At this outreach we plan to spend the next couple of months helping believers from the main village with purchasing building materials for a house they are to build for a couple who are soon to be married. We will meet our translation helpers at this place and bring them to town.

Thank you for praying for us, that we will keep moving forward in the work the Lord has for us to do despite not being able to live in the village at this time.

In His love,

Jason and Shirley Birkin