Sparks is a club for anyone in grades K-2, running every Friday during the school term from 4pm-6pm. At Sparks we have heaps of fun playing games, learning Bible verses and listening to Bible stories.


The Details

When: Every Friday afternoon at 4pm – 6pm, during school term.

Cost: Free for the first 3 weeks, then $2 each week.

$15/term if paid by Week 3.


The letters of “Sparks” stand for:

S is for Saviour – because we need Jesus to be our Saviour.

P is for Power – because the story about Jesus has the power to save us.

A is for According to the Scriptures – because people wrote about Jesus in the Bible even before He was born and only God could know that.

R is for Rose Again – because after Jesus died on the cross, He rose back to life again. That shows that He is even more powerful than death.

K is for Keep – because we have to keep the whole law of the Bible to deserve to go to heaven, but no-one can do that. Only Jesus did, so He is the only one we can trust to get us into heaven.

S is for Saved – because if we will believe in Jesus and trust Him with our life, then we will be saved and spend forever with Him in heaven.


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